June 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, they sweep the Yankees! Hey we are 9 games under .500, so we have to get excited by something. They can take the sweep away a month from now when they finish the game. If the O’s do not comeback…but hell WE SWEPT the YANKEES.

I think this season has proven a point I have made with the Baltimore O’s for some time. You must have a plan! Throwing money at a part of your team that you think needs improvement is not a plan…its panic! I am glad they have a new man "in charge", but I want to see a plan. Not a double secret probation type thing that only those with a higher IQ then I can figure out…but a simple easy to understand plan.

Like this:

We are going to trade away all our veteran players (Tejada, Mora, Gibbons, Millar and so on), get what we can for them and start a true youth movement behind our young and improving starting pitchers, Markakis and Roberts…we may have a few more tough seasons with this plan…but we will get younger, improve our farm system and have an exciting team for our fans to get behind. SEE DETROIT…that seemed to work out well…I will take a 120 losses in a year if in 2 years we are in the hunt forevermore…would you?

As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan, I could live with this…I can’t live with the same old same old.

From what I have seen from TREMBLEY…he seems like a no nonsense type of guy. I like what he has done in a week or so of work…I have said I wanted a manager that has no association with the O’s for the last 10 years…we need new ideas…new ways…new coaches…new everything, but if Dave Trembley can continue to get this team to show the emotion and hustle they seem to have and also get BEDARD to warm up to the fans and media a bit…he’ll change my tune a bit…but i still want a new coaching staff.

Random Thoughts:

  • Biggest bust in the NBA draft will be Joakim Noah
  • Love the WIZARDS draft…hated the Celtics…Did Angelos buy them?
  • The Irish Wolfhounds lost a game last night…not happy…

FANTASY FOOTBALL TIDBIT OF THE DAY: NEVER DRAFT A QB in the first 3 rounds of your draft….NEVER!

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