A Word of Thank

May 25, 2007 | WNST Interns


I want to take a moment to say thanks and congratulations on a job well done to Drew Forrester for a great day yesterday at Mountain Branch.  The WNST Charity Golf Outing, presented in honor of Erinn McCarthy, was a true success.  Perfect weather, a great golf course and a day playing golf with great friends.  What more could a true amateur “hacker” like me ask for?  The complimentary beverage cart certainly helped to ease our pain as my group fell farther and farther off the leader board.

For the uninitiated, putting together an event of this magnitude is no small feat.  Drew, you certainly went above and beyond the call here.  All the time and energy spent gathering sponsors, donations and foursomes was well spent.  It was a pleasure to participate and you can bet I’ll be back next year for more.  I’m going to spend the next year practicing those fifteen foot putts, so next time those birdie putts drop!

I’d like to take a quick moment to say thanks to my friends with Victory Steel, who quickly signed up for the tournament.  I’ve been doing business with those folks for a decade now, and they’ve always offered their enthusiastic support for any causes I’ve asked them about.  Bob Wise, Jeff Valenti, Terry McGonigle and everybody over there are great people who serve our community well, in both business and charity.  So thanks again to Victory Steel, and remember this, guys: Next year, you’re not allowed to use your hands and feet to move the ball!  10 under par?  I’ve played enough golf with them to seriously question the validity of that score!

Once again, thank you to Drew and all the sponsors and friends of WNST who came together yesterday and demonstrated once again why Baltimore is such a great city!

And thanks to the McCarthy family and Maryvale for all of their grace and dedication to the cause of honoring Erinn’s memory.  Something tells me she had a lot to do with the day’s success.


So Danys Baez loses another game and gives up another homer?  Yawn.  Punch me in the ribs and wake me up when the O’s reach .500.  Or whenever training camp starts.  Whichever comes first.  (For the record, my money’s on training camp – July 28).


Tomorrow, I want to talk baseball records, specifically milestones that will likely be reached this summer.  Tom Glavine’s pursuit of 300 wins, Craig Biggio reaching 3,000 hits, Sammy Sosa and 600 homeruns, etc.  Not just Barry Bonds making history this summer, but lots of other players approaching historic numbers, and whether it makes them Hall of Famers.  I look forward to talking to everyone beginning at 1 p.m. Saturday.