Aaron Tomarchio of Tradepoint Atlantic says leaders coming together to navigate coronavirus crisis

April 03, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was our pleasure to welcome Aaron Tomarchio of Tradepoint Atlantic as he chatted with Nestor this week. Like pretty much every other business leader around town, Aaron has had to adjust and adapt during these crazy times. As Aaron is working from home in Fells Point, he is proud of the way that Maryland’s government has handled this pandemic thus far.

“As a Marylander, I’m very proud of the way our state and our governor has handled this process, and how the local jurisdiction has been able to support what the governor has tried to do,” Tomarchio said. “The governor has led very well and he’s been very decisive.”

Aaron has witnessed past crisis’ and while he acknowledges this pandemic being on another level, he still believes in the importance of our leaders and government.

“In these times of emergencies and crisis, this is when government really shows itself really well,” Tomarchio said. “When officials come together whether you’re a municipal leader, state leader, or in Congress, and you’re trying to problem solve with the issue at hand, whether it’s a storm response which I was a part of with Isabel or the major snow disasters or emergencies that hit when I was in Harford County. This is a unique animal but it is still the same concept…you’ve got key leaders coming together to problem solve.”

Tradepoint Atlantic plays an important role in the local community and Aaron and his team are doing their part to keep the trains running on time for all of those counting on them.

“One thing we’ve done is take everything a step at at time,” Tomarchio said. “Obviously like most businesses we started with practicing the CDC guidelines and the social distancing and the sanitization of our work areas, making sure our operational areas at our port and construction sites are operating with those protocols in mind. Tradepoint Atlantic is a logistics and supply chain platform, and one thing that’s becoming very clear out of this pandemic is how important the supply chain is to keep our basic needs met.

A lot of our tenants there now like Amazon, FedEx, or Home Depot, they’re on the front lines working their distribution platform to make sure that they get our needed product to us. That’s an important piece that our tenants are playing in this process. Our construction projects, we’re moving forward as much as we can to keep our construction projects on time because again, we play a part in that supply chain. These companies that are leasing space and building multimillion dollar facilities on our property, they need these facilities up and running because supply chains depend on it.”

Aaron would go on to give some background into Tradepoint Atlantic, their history, and the role that they play in our local Baltimore community.

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