An Inside Loo

April 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

For those of you who listen in to WNST on a regular basis, thank you. You make our jobs meaningful. For those of you who pay money as sponsors, again, thank you. You make it possible to have a job.

Many of you who fall in these two categories have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at our “little” radio station. Allow me to give you an inside look. No, this is not a tell all look, I’ll save that for the book. This is an inside look to my show, the Rob Long Show brought to you by Coors Light.

It all starts with Ray Bachman and the greatest interns anywhere. These guys usually call me at about 10 am and ask, “What do you want today?” Usually, I’ll have one or two things that I want, but for the most part, I let them do what they do. Usually, Tom Peace will make as many calls as he has to make to get guest if necessary. Sometimes it isn’t. If there is a hot topic that Ray feels I can run with, he will make the decision of not having a lot of guest. He say, “Rob, you can run with this topic, I promise you that guest aren’t needed today.” Ray has been doing this for 10 years, I usually don’t argue.

I usually role into the station between 1:00-1:15. I got to the production studio and insult both Ray and Tom, they both show me that I’m number 1, and the work day starts. My next stop is over to Wave Audio to steal from the infinite wisdom of Paul Kopelke. Paul, by the way, is the coolest, uncool man I’ve ever met in my life. While I’m there, I get the daily scoop from Debra Hyatt.

At that time, I check through my daily websites,, Fox, Ben Maller, etc. I then look at my newspaper sources, The Sun, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. I usually like to get different opinions on what’s going on. I know this is a local sports talk station, but I like to see what the rest of the sports world is thinking.                    

Research is the most important part of preparation. I do more of it now than when I started. To be honest, I probably didn’t know what to research. Now, I get ideas in the morning and immediately go to work with research. It’s like recruiting as a basketball coach.                                 

Then, at 2:00, I have a brief chat with Bob Haynie, and it’s show time. I grab my theme music, my headphones and cd case to go to work. Work, I use that term loosely. I love it. It’s difficult to call it work. For four hours, I push your buttons and report sports news. Baltimore, I wanna talk to ya.