And then Depression set in…

October 22, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

I almost didn’t blog tonight because of two reasons:

First – Drew’s blog hits on almost every one of the key points I was going to make on today’s game, and

Second – I am so disheartened and frustrated by this season, primarily the injuries and also the poor execution, that I really don’t even want to talk about football right now (and MD’s loss on Saturday isn’t helping either).

However, the show must go on…

Like Drew, in my weekly pick the winners and rank them survey I also picked the Bills but REALLY wanted to lose that pick. The Ravens are not a good team with all of these injuries.

The upside of this mess is we have a bright future with some young offensive and defensive lineman. The downside is as much as I like Kyle Boller’s heart, determination, and big arm, I still don’t think he can be the future QB who takes the Ravens to the Super Bowl. Boller just can’t play on the road (his mechanics were poor today) and he just can’t seem to throw those short passes that Billick keeps calling. Memo to Brian: Please get rid of those swing passes to the backs when Kyle is in, he can’t hit them and they fool nobody, especially when the backs have to adjust to the ball in the air so much.

Today the Ravens needed a real second running back when McGahee went out and they just didn’t have one. The Special Teams were atrocious as well, primarily Yamon Figurs and punter Sam Koch.

At 4-3, I just don’t see the Ravens making the playoffs. The only way they change my mind is if they go into Pittsburgh and win and I just don’t see that happening right now with all of the injuries unless Steve McNair finds the fountain of youth over these next 15 days.

This loss hurts, so like the Ravens, I am going to get away from football for a week. Besides, the way New England is going if they stay healthy there isn’t a team in the league that’s going to lay a glove on them. They are incredible.

So thank goodness I have hockey to watch and on Tuesday I’ll be posting a full hockey blog about the NHL.