Annoying Things about the NFL

September 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

Yes, of course we all love the NFL.  But below are a few things that bother and annoy us about America’s real favorite past-time.

Over-Dressed Cheerleaders- We don’t like when cold weather forces cheerleaders to wear heavy clothing.  If you’re not showing cleavage we don’t need you.  Stay home.

The "D" and the Fence Thing-  The first person who thought of holding up the letter D and a cardboard fence was a genius.  But we get it now.  Ban it!

Prancing After Tackles-  Don’t like when players dance after they perform the most rudimentary part of their job.  You’re SUPPOSED to tackle people.  Stop dancing.

Praying with the Other Team- If you feel the need to thank the Lord for helping you catch a ball, fine.  But no more praying with the other team.  You’re supposed to wish bad things on them.  Leave it there.

Bryant Gumbel- Should be self-explanatory.  If not, we suggest you watch five minutes of an NFL Network broadcast.

Tailgating-  Andrew picked this one but I see his point.  Why do we consider it fun to eat food next to our cars?

Painted Fans-  There is simply no reason to ever paint yourself purple, blue or any other color.  You  look stupid.

Camera Shots of Owners–  We really don’t ever need to see or hear the owner of a football team.  When they show the guy up in his sky box with his third trophy wife we want to shoot him.

Turducken- We get it John.  It’s a thing inside a thing inside a thing. Please find something new for next Thanksgiving.

Manning’s Pointing We’re extremely tired -of watching Peyton Manning point everywhere like he’s directing traffic before the snap.  What the hell is he really accomplishing anyway?  Oh, right a Super Bowl.

All Field Goal Kickers- We respect the fact that they kick footballs very well but can we agree to never interview one or even acknowledge him as part of the team?  The kicker should have to wear a different uniform.

Special Teams Coaches- Please, how hard is THAT job?  Couldn’t you just get the linebackers coach to take on a little extra responsibility?

The Pro Bowl-  If you don’t know why this stinks, you must not watch football.

Commentators Who Try to be Funny-  Personally I’ve never laughed at anything said by a sports commentator.  Well, except for Don Meredith.  He was funny.

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