Another ‘Christmas Day’ for Yankees Fans …

May 07, 2007 | WNST Interns

So, is this what it feels like? Imagine, for just a couple seconds …. you’re a Yankees fan. It must feel so good to get out of bed and greet this Monday more excitedly than Opening Day, itself. After all, hope is restored and renewed optimism is aplenty in the Bronx.

Yankees fans got, yet, another Christmas gift, yesterday. Roger Clemens, who retired a dreaded Yankee after the 2003 season is back. Yeah, this is the same Roger Clemens who drove that Hummer the Yanks gave him as a parting gift …. before deciding to spurn them and join the Houston Astros. Now, it appears the Astros know what it feels like. I’ve always said the “Karma Train” eventually stops at everybody’s depot.

But, how great must it feel to be a Yankees fan, today. They’re languishing in the cellar of the AL East and they know they’re about to shoot through the standings aboard a “rocket”. Please, pardon the pun. This just isn’t fair; other teams in the AL East need a starting pitcher or TWO.

Welcome to the 2007 Baseball Season, O’s fans. The Yankees reach under their festivus tree and pull out a gift-wrapped 300 game winner. Meanwhile, we’ll sew some patches on this worn out jacket and call it a season. This is not a case of the “haves & have nots,” it’s more reflective of the “wills & will nots.”

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting the Orioles should have committed $28 million to Roger Clemens for 4 months. That’s absurd. Besides, these two clubs have separate and differing objectives. Mr. Steinbrenner made it clear in yesterday’s issued statement, “The sole mission of the organization is to win a world championship.” As for the Orioles, the sole mission of the organization is to secure a respectable record. This is the truth and it hurts.

I know the Orioles have to start somewhere and the process takes time. But, being the kid on the block who never gets these special “gifts” is getting old. I wonder if Mr. Steinbrenner is interested in adopting? Okay, I won’t go that far.

That said, let the “Jose Lima” watch begin ….