Another Orioles Joke at The Fans’ Expense

October 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

After last night’s pregame at Fenway Park, I am DONE with Kevin Millar as a Baltimore Oriole.

And I’m thisclose to ending my lifelong rooting interest in the Orioles.

Look, I know it’s Monday following another (predictable) road loss for the Ravens, so maybe I should concentrate my anger towards them and Brian Billick for that awful display.  But I’m sure all of you have read and talked plenty about that by now.

So instead, I’m going to vent again about this laughingstock of a baseball franchise and the incredibly poor PR decisions they continue to make.  For those who may have missed it, before last night’s ALCS Game 7 in Boston, Kevin Millar cut a promo for Fox Sports remembering the Red Sox 2004 World Champions.  Then he was introduced to a roaring crowd of Bostonians and threw out the first pitch!  No, this really happened!

This raises so many questions for both the Orioles and Millar that it makes my head swim.  I honestly don’t even know where or how to begin.  Is Millar a total phony and a media/Boston whore?  Undoubtedly.  Should the Orioles have allowed this to happen (and they were officially requested by the Red Sox for permission and gave it their blessing)?  Absolutely, positively NOT!  Do the Orioles have any pride left in that joke of a front office?  Obviously not.  Should you or I or anyone who’s been a lifelong fan/sufferer of this tragicomic franchise be pissed as hell?  YOU BETCHA!

See, this is what it means to be a fan of the Baltimore Orioles for the past decade.  It’s bad enough to have to watch this team devour anybody who’s unfortunate enough or gullible enough to sign with them for over market value.  But YOUR team’s management sees NO PROBLEM with allowing a player who’s currently UNDER CONTRACT to go back to his "old stomping grounds" and act as a quasi-cheerleader for them before the biggest game of their season?  Ridiculous.  Embarrassing.  Out of touch.  Shameful.

But this current Reign of Error, brought to you stubbornly year after year by Angelos & Sons, has no shame.  No sense of what it means to have any proffessional pride.  No idea that the Red Sox are making a national joke of their mismanagement and ineptitude (which truly has no boundaries).  Nope, they’ll probably try to explain it away with some cockamamie legalese bullcrap like, "Kevin Millar is a fine player and representative for the Baltimore Orioles.  We are well aware of Mr. Millar’s previous employment and subsequent success with the Boston team.  We gave our blessing because we respect Mr. Millar’s championship experience in Boston and recognize his contributions to that team and city."

Just once I’d like this team to understand how painful it’s been to try and get interested in them again.  Just once I’d like those morons to appreciate the history of this franchise in this city.  Just once I’d like them to remember that the legacy and tradition of the Baltimore Orioles was built long before they purchased the team.  Just once I’d like to not be embarrassed to be a fan.  But no.  They’re so inept and lowly regarded that they have allowed a divisional rival to "borrow" one of their players, again, UNDER CONTRACT AS A PLAYER FOR THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES, to be a cheerleader at Game 7 of an ALCS.

As for you and me and the rest of the fans?  No Baltimore on the road jerseys.  No cartoon bird with the white-paneled hat.  No high definition for that network.  No hope on the near horizon for a better team. 

I may not have much energy left to try and remain a fan, but I know this: If Kevin Millar is on this roster next year coming out of Spring Training, NO will be my answer when people ask me if I want to go to an Orioles game.  Because I still have some principles, unlike that joke of a management group.

Now go ice down some champagne for your old buddies, Kevin Mill-AH.  You big, fat, millionaire phony.  

But don’t ever expect me to cheer for you again.  Sellout.