Are U Going to Stay Loyal?

November 27, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

With three home games left against some big name teams Ravens fans have a chance to show their loyalty to their team by holding onto their tickets and not opting for the big money payout they could receive from Patriots, Colts, and Steelers fans over the next month. I’m actually looking forward to this week’s game because I’ve seen the Pats on TV and now I want to see the offensive machine in person.

It will be ugly for the Ravens on Sunday night, no doubt about it. Some will point to the Eagles effort last night as a sign that the Pats are beatable if a team plays well but let’s not kid ourselves, the Ravens don’t have the cover CB’s or the pass rush the Eagles generated. The Ravens barely touched Philip Rivers so how do you expect them to get a hand on Tom Brady? As well as the Eagles played they basically had no answer for Wes Welker. I see Randy Moss, Welker, and the rest of the Pats receivers lighting the Ravens defense up. On the other side of the ball the Eagles had a good game plan and gave their QB, A.J. Feely, time to throw. The Ravens have not protected the QB well all year so what makes anyone think they will be able to do it against the Patriots?

So I will be going to this Monday night’s game, the Colts game, and Steelers game as well. I don’t think we have much of a chance in any of the games with the team we are fielding but I will still support the Ravens because they are a franchise that has done all they can to win and have treated us fans well with their openness and commitment to winning. I’ve seen some posts on this website trying to compare the Ravens in their current state to the Orioles given the Ravens struggles this year. Are the people posting those comments smoking something? The Orioles have had 10 years of ineptitude while the Ravens went 13-3 last year and have fallen apart due to injuries this year. You can’t even compare the two franchises because one of them is a complete joke.

So if you have season tickets to the Ravens games I urge you to not sell out for the quick buck and show up and support your team through thick and thin these last three games. Losing isn’t fun but how many of you would take a really bad season if it leads to some quality draft picks that can help turn things around for the future? Maybe we get the cover CB, pass rushing DE, or QB we desperately need this year? Or if we go young and still have a poor year next year perhaps we put ourselves in position to draft Florida QB Tim Tebow (who likely will leave after his junior year)? I can take losing short term if it leads to turning this team into a winner again (and hopefully we finally get a good offense). I have that much faith in the Ravens front office to get this turned around with a couple of good drafts.

Let’s be honest, even if the Ravens were sitting at 7-4 or 6-5 right now would this team in its current condition have a chance at beating New England in the playoffs? I’m pretty sure that no team is beating the Patriots in the playoffs this year so we might as well benefit in overall draft position and play an easier schedule next year.

It is every fans prerogative to sell their tickets but there are plenty of other Ravens fans who would gladly take in a game so sell your tickets (at face value) to them. Besides, do you really need the extra money you would get selling them for a higher price? Don’t you take pride in the fact that each year we have weeded out more and more of the fans from the opposing team despite the fact that other joke of a franchise in town continues to fill up with fans only when the Yankees and Red Sox are in town? So let’s show the Ravens that we are still with them, even with a bad season, I think they deserve that much (and Steve Bisciotti can pay us back by not raising ticket prices next year, right?).

In the words of the great John Blutarsky: “Who’s with me??!!”