Are You An A’Rod Fan

April 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, are you ?? Trust me …… if you really love baseball and care about the future credibility of the game, you will become a devout Alex Rodriguez fan as soon as Barry Bonds swats another 19 homers. Yes, baseball’s most beloved record will be taken hostage for a few years. But, if things stay the course, it’ll be a short and fitting reign for Mr. Bonds.

Have you checked the statistics of A’Rod? He’s quietly climbing the homerun ladder and enjoying a great start to the 2007 season. A’Rod will be turning 32 at the end of July …. about the same time Ravens fans swarm upon Westminster. That’s right, 32 years old ….. and he’s currently sitting on 470 career bombs.

By all projected accounts, A’Rod will be a member of the “500 Homerun Club” by season’s end. If he maintains the current pace, he’ll need about 8 years to surpass Bonds, who appears to be limping to the record. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that A’Rod’s chances are purely relative. Anything can happen.

But, for all the banter about A’Rod being a “golden boy” and lackluster in the clutch, he sure would serve as a fitting and true homerun champion. By all accounts, A’Rod has achieved his successes without benefit of performance enhancing drugs. Yeah, he’s a little guarded of his image and doesn’t appear to enjoy a close relationship with Derek Jeter. However, I’ll take quirkiness over dishonesty, any day.

I’ll leave you with this …… I’d bet that if and when Alex Rodriguez breaks the all-time homerun record, Hank Aaron will be in attendance. End of story.

Agree or disagree ……