October 31, 2007 | WNST Interns

            There’s not really all that much to be said about Liverpool’s performance on Sunday. It was a fantastic first 20 and then it was off to the land of Nod – again.
It seems to be a common theme for Liverpool to take the game by the scruff of its neck at the beginning of a game, growl at it for a bit and then let the other team have it. I’ve said it before and it’ll come off my fingertips again – we do not have a kill switch. The chances are there, the finishing is not.
Arsenal, truth be told, deserved to win at Anfield. They didn’t, and thank whatever capricious god of soccer that Pepe Reina showed up. We just won’t mention him going walkabout down the right wing.
Apart from a pretty poor overall performance, the most unfortunate part of the game was the loss of Torres and Xabi – again. I distinctly remember saying that putting them back on the field was a bad idea. So the crystal ball may not have been spot on about the why, but Nostradamus wasn’t always right about the how, he was, however, pretty good with the when.
Anyway, post mortems aside, today is Round Four of the Carling Cup (which no one seems to give two monkey’s about until the silverware cabinet is looking like it will remain dusty for another year and then everyone loves it), and we can look forward to Rafa trotting out the best Liverpool ‘C’ team Gillett/Hicks money can buy.
It marks the return of “God” Fowler who has 6 goals for Championship side Cardiff. He’ll be facing off against a much-changed Premiership regular side. It’ll probably be Itandje in net, youngsters Jack Hobbs, Lucas and Sebastian Leto in the back along with “fit-again” Fabio Aurelio. Momo more than likely will mis-pass in midfield, and there’ll be a smattering of regulars to add some respectability to proceedings.
Look for Harry Kewell to come on, play 15 minutes and then rupture whatever’s left that he hasn’t ruptured twice already. Then he’ll hobble off and ask for a couple million more pounds to assume his now all-too-familiar prone position on the side-line.
The strike partnership is unimportant. Crouch will probably crack the nod, and the reserve orange peeler might get his shot. Everyone else is getting one. And with all the injuries, Rafa’s rotation is looking decidedly leaner.  
It should be a thumping. But then again, Bolton is now above us in the log, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mersey turned to blood and a frog or two hopped its way into Liverpool.
Final score Liverpool 3- Robbie Fowler 1