Art Donovan made me work tonigh

May 16, 2007 | WNST Staff

Ray is off at Ripken camp finding out just how bad he is at baseball, which leaves me to work at the station all week long in his place. Part of those duties include taping our live shows, so Tuesday night we headed up the The Port Royal in Fallston for a show with Hall of Famer Art Donovan.

Taping the show requires that you pay a lot of attention to detail — making sure Nestor is reading the sponsor sheet, making sure the levels are right, making sure the tape is recording, making sure no one trips over a wire, making sure the sound is nice in the bar — you get the idea.

In addition to monitoring all the things I mentioned above, Art tends to let "not so friendly" radio words fly.  To to try to save extra work later, I kept a little "cheat sheet" on the time and the "naughty" word said during the interview so I can create I radio friendly recording later.

My sheet had about 12 entries into it as far as "non-radio friendly" words.  After all it is Art Donovan — you can’t tell him he can’t say it.

If you missed the live show, you will just have to guess what word he said that is being bleeped out…or check out my posting of the "orginal copy" of the "bleep" list…scroll down!

It was a very good show and fun to listen to Art tell stories. He is still very sharp and a great storyteller.

I left the show last night with a pretty cool piece of memorabilia — an empty Schlitz can courtesy of Art Donovan, with his autograph on it.

This world would be a better place if everyone lived their life like Art Donovan!