Aubrey Huff wants the bars to stay open later

November 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

So I just read Roch Kubatko’s blog where Aubrey Huff tries to tell his side of the story about saying Baltimore is horses**t. You can read the whole blog here, but what I found pretty funny was how Aubrey is saying he was referring to the bars not being open that late. That is great to admit Aubrey; sure a lot of parents and fans are thrilled to here a player saying that he doesn’t like it that bars are not open late.

Huff also claims that he was doing an “act” while he was on the show this past week. No Aubrey, that would be what you were doing for the majority of the season. I just can not get over a guy complaining that bars and restaurants, but in particular bars don’t stay open late enough. Sure baseball would love to hear that you don’t like bars not being open late enough, since they have already taken alcohol out of clubhouses and had to deal with the Josh Hancock situation.

I have said numerous times that I am not a fan of Aubrey Huff, in my dealings with him he is very standoffish and acts like you owe him something.

Maybe someone should open a bar that stays open till 4 a.m. and has a batting cage in it.