Back in the Ga

April 12, 2007 | WNST Interns


Hey everybody, it’s good to be back! 

Technical difficulties have been solved, so it’s smooth sailing from here (I Think).

Lots to catch up on, but the good news is 2-1 O’s tonight.

3 hits for Gibbons.  Will the long hair be the difference in production this year?


Don Imus is finally fired.  Looks as if the money talked and the b.s. walked.


I’m deeply disturbed by the entire press credential controversy regarding Nestor this week.  I have been an outsider (obviously) in Baltimore sports media my entire life.  Not Nestor.  His entire world has been built upon his energy and passion for sports, especially Baltimore sports, and especially the Baltimore Orioles.  The premise that Nestor is not an “active” member of the working sports media in Baltimore is ludicrous.  He owns WNST! 

It’s all about payback for Peter & Co.  You know the truth.

NINE consecutive losing seasons.

Shamefully low attendance, year upon year.

A loyal fan base that the Warehouse consistently ignores.

NO ATTEMPT TO HONOR THE 1966 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS (have you ever heard of Brooks and Frank?)  This was the final confirmation: Peter Angelos is NOT A FAN.

This is strictly a business investment. 

Please check your memories and sentiments at the door.

The atmosphere is corrosive.  If you disagree, if you finally raise your voice after years of mistreatment, neglect and outright contempt (in front of 1,000 fans you happened to bring to their ballpark), then you are no longer permitted.  Don’t mistake me now as an NST “homer” for this position, but the truth is evident, if you’ll just remove the black and orange glasses for a minute.  The Baltimore Orioles really don’t care about you, or me, or Nestor, or even that “25%” of the fan base the Nats took away.  If they cared, they would honor their past, cherish the tradition of the franchise and at least pretend as if they liked you for any reason other than your money.  But it’s easier to continue a truly petty squabble, which they caused, and alienate people who genuinely love baseball, and the Baltimore Orioles, than to be professional, humble and respectful, to do the right thing and acknowledge their mistakes and make amends.  Pathetic and unprofessional.

Just to prove I love baseball and the Orioles:  Steve Trachsel, Hon!  (Official Hard Luck Starter for your 2007 Baltimore Orioles)

Yeah, I still watch every night.  For $2 more a month (thanks PeterMASN). 

Nick Markakis.  I just like typing that.  The ’00’s Eddie, dare I ask?  Love his swing.

Good time on Opening Day in downtown, hon.  If I met you and you didn’t buy me a beer, you can e-mail me at

More tomorrow.