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December 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

Thanks to Emily and Justin for getting my blog problems straightened out.  It’s been far too long since my last post, and I have so many thoughts on various topics, so let’s just dive into it.


I believe the Ravens will cover the 20 point spread tonight.  I’ve been wrong more than right all season (I predicted they’d go 11-5 and 5-1 in the AFC North), but there’s got to be some pride left in that locker room.  I find it very difficult to think the Ravens D won’t throw everything they can at Tom Brady tonight.  This is clearly an opportunity for Rex Ryan’s beleagured troops to show a national audience that they can still ball a little bit.  The key is to allow schemes that will bring Bart Scott, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, Dawan Landry and company a chance to blitz unblocked.  Pressure up the middle of the pocket would help too.  Let it all hang out tonight on both sides of the ball.  There’s absolutely nothing left to lose at this point.  Go down with all barrels blazing.

Looks like the weather may play a part tonight.  Very windy conditions.  A few crazy twists and turns of the ball on special teams may prove favorable.  Crazier things have happened, right?

Pats 27, Ravens 19


Greivis Vasquez is probably wondering what that was that kept going past him all night.  Eric Maynor absolutely schooled him on both ends of the court in VCU’s convincing win in the BB&T Classic.  Maynor looked like an NBA Lottery Pick; the Terps looked uncomposed and disoriented.  I realize this is a young team that will be prone to some peaks and valleys, but I find it inexcusable that they lacked any defensive solutions to stop Maynor.  Not to discredit him, but geez, can’t Maryland do something to minimize his impact on the VCU offense?  A disturbingly poor effort.

While I’m here, isn’t it about time to put this BB&T thing to rest?  A football Sunday is quite possibly the worst time to schedule a college basketball "tournament" in early December.  There could not have been more than 8,000 in the seats for the Terps game.  The lack of any major conference teams is also an indication that interest in this "tournament" has diminished greatly.  It’s long past time to scrap this thing and come up with a better solution for the local schools and fans.

Here’s one idea: With the resurgence of Baltimore college basketball at Towson U., UMBC, Morgan State, Loyola College and the tradition of Coppin State, can’t someone get these schools together with the D.C. area schools for a "Basketball Bash" of some kind?  There’s Maryland, Georgetown, George Mason and George Washington.  Am I forgetting anybody?  Have it rotate annually between Baltimore and D.C.  Have the schools play each other on a yearly rotating basis.  Wouldn’t something like that attract more than 8,000 disinterested souls?  Wouldn’t you like to see a truly "local" tournament like that?  Oh yeah, I just remembered: Mount Saint Mary’s.  Put them in the D.C. side of the bracket, and presto!  Ten teams, five games.  I’d pay to see a day of local hoops like that.


The annual MLB Winter Meetings are here.  Johan Santana will be a Yankee or Red Sox soon.  Andy MacPhail will have "sucker" stamped on his forehead all week.  Is there any doubt in your mind that the O’s will get 50 cents on the dollar for everyone on the roster besides Bedard?  They’ll get about 5 cents on the dollar for Kevin Millar and Aubrey Huff if they even try to move them.  But I’ll still be keeping an eye on things with great anticipation anyway.  It is baseball, after all.

By the by, I am really hoping the Birds get stuck with Huff next year.  Honestly.  Because Nestor and I are already brainstorming some really great promotions for Huff next year.  If you are a Free The Birds supporter, you’ll absolutely LOVE some of the stuff we’ve come up with already! 

It’s amazing to realize that Huff is in the Orioles record books next to Brooks and Cal as the only Orioles to hit for the cycle in a game.  "See the ball, hit the ball", right Aubrey?

Aubrey?  Who names their kid that anyway?


Rest in peace, Sean Taylor.  May perpetual light shine upon you.