Baltimore the epicenter for MLB ‘roids!

December 13, 2007 | WNST Interns

Steroids have been around since the 1930s and these guys are acting like it is something brand new! Baseball is going to clean it all up thanks Jose “Squealer” Conseco. Roids made the game attractive with the likes of the “Bash Bros” and the shattering of the Maris *61 record. With that said I don’t condone the use of anabolics and HGH.

The game was once a non-weightlifting sport like boxing because it was thought to bulk you up and cause you to be sluggish. Now every sport and adapted the iron for strength and edurance with supplementation and proper diet … ‘roids?

Now, I am hearing Roger Clemens did ‘roids … say it ain’t so Rocket! Raffy said he ”never did steroids” and then whoops a positive test! Mitchell has this report and releasing names like Petite & Clemens. Brian Roberts is now accused … the players’ union should stand up and put a gag order on the Mitchell Report until the proof is 100% positive. Many guys did ‘roids in the past and got away with it. Their names will never be reported.

Hey man, what was going on when Brady Anderson hit 50 leadoff home runs?? “ROIDS! Been here! Just clean it up. Tejada-roid, Raffy-roid, Sequi-roid, and more ex-Orioles and even current Orioles are going to be named. We are going to have to except the fact that ‘roids are a part of AMERICAN SPORTS and society in general not just MLB!

I remember talking to David Segui during the first inter-league game at Camden Yards when he was with the Montreal Expos and thinking to myself … “this guy is on the roids!” If I saw it … I know damn well everybody in the game saw it and decided to leave it alone. C’mon just clean up the sport, Segregate the eras in the Hall and move on.

I knew alot of guys on ‘roids back in the 70s and many of them have had health issues because of it. They were swimmers, track athletes, wrestlers and football players … man I even had a friend was a great collegiate basketball player that taking deca-durabolin in a pill form back then. Most of them have had health issues because of their use during those days when they were too young for the stuff.

If you are over 40 then maybe you can make a case for the use of HGH in some situations to help with certain medical issues but not while you are younger than 40 … Bonds, McGwire and the bunch will all have health problems sooner or later because of the abuse of anabolic steroids at too young of an age.

Now, you kids out there that read this just know that ‘roids are 100 times wose for your body than you will ever understand because your body is in an anabolic state by virtue of your age and the natural hormone production of your body that the older guys are trying to create with HGH and ‘roids. But there are documented deaths due to the use of anabolics. Stay off the drugs! Workout harder than the next guy, eat a sensible diet and get your rest.

Now, Baltimore is being called the epicenter for steroids?

Gotta go.