Barber Sho

June 01, 2007 | WNST Interns

Welcome back to Rob’s. This is the world wide web’s barber shop. Today’s topic is LeBron James. Or, rightfully referred to as "King James."

That performance against the Detroit Pistons, in Auburn Hills was the best play-off performance since MJ torched the Utah Jazz in Utah, with the flu. While LeBron didn’t have the flu, what he did to the Pistons was downright sick.

This young man is only 22 years old and he put his entire franchise on his back. After a so-so third quarter, James took over in the fourth and in both overtimes. At one point, he put up a fade-away three-point jumper, that looked to be under control. James made a statement that he may be the most dominant player in the NBA.

In my 36 years, and that may be the best single game play-off performance in basketball. Not only did James go on the road to dominate, he put his team in position to close this series out in six games. We saw that coming, we just didn’t see the Cleveland Cavaliers as being the team that did it. I think we’re all "King James" fans. I want to see this young man take that plunge into immortality. Go LeBron.

Barber Sho

May 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

It’s time for a trip to the barber shop again. We started this topic on Tuesday’s show. I want to continue it and get your feedback. After MLB’s $2.4 billion with ESPN and its $700 million deal with Direct TV, I am of the belief that the League values our cable subscriptions more than they do our ticket stubs.

I believe crowded stadiums look good on television, but the networks value ratings over crowded stadiums. If you pay close attention, most of MLB’s major stadium advertisers, also advertise during game telecasts. How many Coors Light and Southwest airline commercials do you see during a baseball game?

So, let’s talk about it. You don’t go to Oriole games, but you still watch. Is that valued by the Orioles and other MLB teams more than your attendance?