Barry Bonds, Saturday mornings and I’m going to ship Ichiro back to Japan.

April 15, 2007 | WNST Interns

Getting up to do a Saturday morning show can be rough.  Especially when you’re a guy like me and you like to booze it up a bit.  Last night I spent some quality time at the Bowman Restaurant on Harford Road.  The place is great. Great people working there.  Good booze prices and flat screen TVs all over the place. Plus you have Tracey’s Comedy Club right downstairs and I’ll be there tonight for two shows 8pm and 10pm dishing out some comedy for the fans.  I’ll be talking about this place a lot.


So, yeah, I’m tired.  Spending two hours a day fighting with my brother on the show can be a drain.  And then this morning pretty much everyone on the staff was hung over.  Katie was forgetting to turn on mics.  Andrew hasn’t slept since his first kid was born five years ago.  I kept losing track of my notes and John landed us some lunatic guest who called in to tell us he was baseball’s first blind player.  All kinds of craziness.


Hey, if you didn’t catch today’s show live it will be archived on the WNST site or available as a click thru on our blog site.  Still working out the bugs but Andrew and I want everyone to be able to catch the show, if not live, then right here at the site.


If my fantasy baseball team doesn’t start hitting, some heads are gonna roll (great Judas Priest song btw)!  I can’t take it anymore.   I have Pujols for crying out loud! Guy’s batting .176 with 2 ribbies and 1 home run. He’s tied with Cory Patterson for home runs.   And what about Ichiro?  Man’s supposed to be the best hitter in baseball and he’s hitting .182.  Whaddya need, sweetheart?  Do we need to find you a new Zen master?  Is your turtle neck collar too tight?  Please get a base hit or I’m shipping you back to Tokyo!


Came home last night and switched on ESPN.  Lou Piniella was in the middle of a post game tirade and looked about ready to punch a reporter.  I called it.  I knew there was no way Piniella was going to handle the train wreck that can be the Chicago Cubs. If you can find video on it it’s well worth checking out.  It’s funny and pure Sweet Lou.  Something tells me the guy’s a drinker.  I don’t know.  Just a hunch.


Barry Bonds smacked two more out of the park last night.  Andrew said he wouldn’t break the record.  I say he breaks it by the All-Star break.  I’ll be right and Andrew will be a moron… again.


Btw, if you missed the UNGERDOG OF THE WEEK, I took Tampa Bay in Arena Football and Andrew took the Angels in baseball.   I’m getting six points and Andrew took Los Angeles as a +200 dog.  It’ll be another loss for him, a win for me and one step closer to my VERY expensive dinner.