Baseball, Heartache and Why Barry Bonds Matters to M

April 24, 2007 | WNST Interns

 I’m re-discovering baseball this season.   Partly because I have to.  My job with WNST makes it important that I pay attention in a way maybe I haven’t in past years.  But, also, I’m using baseball as a form of therapy. I’m going through a painful breakup with a woman I expected to marry and I’m trying like hell to use baseball to remind me there are things out in the world that mean as much to me as the love of a damaged woman… 


I’m sure some of you have been there.  It starts off like sunshine and puppies.  She’s wonderful.  Gorgeous… Intelligent… Loves all the things that you love… In my case, she even wanted me to teach her about baseball.  But, in the end, it’s all just a scam… 


Another chick who can’t commit. Or keep her sh*t together.  Another selfish lunatic determined to suck out the soul of any man who makes the mistake of falling in love with her.  She has her reasons I’m sure and I’m not going to waste your time going any further with this but just thought I’d lend some context to why I plan to be so passionate about the definitive sport of my youth- one I let go of for too long…




So the Orioles are winning again.  And this time I buy it. They’re not doing it with smoke and mirrors like they have in past years.  The offense has real fight and resilience.  The pitching has been trust-worthy if unspectacular at times. 


The New York Yankees should fear this Orioles team.  In fact the Yankees are going to implode this season.  Swept by the Red Sox, New York is as vulnerable as they’ve been in years. They have no pitching.  Zero.  Last night Jon Miller and Joe Morgan tried to sell me on the talent of Chase Wright, a kid who spent four uneventful years in Single A ball before becoming the next Yankees star. 


Well folks, the Boy Wonder gave up FOUR HOME RUNS in a ROW!  I watched. Ramirez, Drew, Varitek and Lowell each sent balls deep into the night sky.  Manny Ramirez turned on a changeup so fast that the ball might’ve flown back in time.  For all I know, it could’ve landed right smack in the middle of the Boston Massacre.  Hell, it might’ve been what killed Crispus Attucks!




Barry Bonds hit #740 yesterday… Is anyone else excited?  I am.  And I’m going to keep saying I’m excited until people start to listen.  Forget steroids.  Forget the fact that Bonds is a notorious jerk.  This record means something!  I remember when Aaron hit # 715 against Al Downing of the Dodgers and it’s one of those incredible moments that make baseball so special. 


The history of the game is such an important part of its’ appeal.  Baseball records matter more than those of any other sport.  When one of baseball’s long standing records is broken it ties eras together in a way no other sport can touch. 


Aaron became the home run king when I was nine years old and my life was ahead of me.  Now, as I approach middle age, I refuse to allow cynicism to cloud my excitement over this amazing achievement.  I plan to write about this a lot.  I’ll never be nine years old again but I can still choose to get excited and to follow each Bonds at bat with the innocence and admiration of a young kid who just loves watching baseball.


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