Before Rob Long was famou

June 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

VH-1 has their shows where they show you what the person was like before they made it big. You know the show where there is a embarrassing picture of someone in their diaper with a football helmet on, or some really bad picture from junior high or freshman year in high school.
Well I guess one of Rob Long’s friends must have thought that we were doing this sort of special. Something to find out what Rob was like before he became a talk show host, or a coach, or a barber shop icon. So this friend of Rob sent me a email saying that he was going through some of his old pictures from high school, and found a picture of Rob.
Apparently one day during recess, some kids from the neighborhood came onto the court Rob and his friends were on and challenged them to a fight. Since Rob Long is not the fighting type, he challenged them to a break dancing competition.
Now I must get back to the O’s game.