Belichick’s wrong for all the wrong reasons

October 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Even when Mumblin’ Bill Belichick makes the wrong moves, he still comes out on top. How long before karma catches up with the dapper one?

It’s a little daunting to post a blog from my basement sofa while Nestor is writing from Beijing. Although I’m not worthy, let me spill my lowly, insignificant opinion on this Monday night.

There’s been a lot of whining across the country over Belichick’s offensive-offense. One West Coast radio host called the coach’s actions “immoral.”

Give me a break. The Redskins aren’t middle school kids with fragile self-esteem issues. They’re men. Big men. They can handle losing on national TV. Besides, isn’t it more humiliating to have your opponent go easy on you? As a 5-foot-5 pick-up basketball player, I always thought so.

Belichick didn’t do anything immoral or unsportsmanlike (at least not this time). His team did what they should do — they played their best game.

But (yes, there is another big “but”) Belichick worked against his best interest. He had the game won. The smart thing is to get the victory in the books and your players home healthy as soon as possible. Instead, his fourth quarter aerial bombardment extended the game. Stupid move.

Keep the ball on the ground. Run the clock. And if Maroney gets you a couple of first downs let Sammy Morris or Kevin Faulk get some PT. They will thank you for it.

Give the defense a break. Shot outs are nice, and when you play ballcontrol those accomplishments are made easier. They will also thank you for it.

Belichick is leading a charmed life right now. When he makes wise decisions, he comes out on top. When he does something stupid, he still comes out on top.

Even so, I’ve got this feeling that his luck will run out. As a Catholic, I’m not supposed to believe in karma, but if an angry defensive end doesn’t get Brady, some unlucky incident might put his booty on the bench.

Matt Cassel starting in the playoffs. Now that’s bad karma.