Biggest Surprise in College Football

September 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

While there is much to be made about last night’s game in Cincinnati, from phantom penatlies, to questionable play calling, to turnovers by the truckload, keep this in mind. If you said before the season that the Ravens would go 10-6 or 11-5 or even 12-4, the game at Cincinnait would be one of the losses. The success of the season will ultimately depend much more on the health of key players than it will on a controversial loss in week one, in a game the experts say they were supposed to lose anyway.

Now, onto my main point. Through two weeks of college football, I’m not sure everyone appreciates just how bad the Big Ten has become. Everyone is beating on Michigan, both literally and figuratively, but this once proud conference stinks as a whole. This shouldn’t really come as that big of a shock to people. Lately, the Big Ten has resembled the old Big Eight (when Oklanhoma and Nebraska were the only good teams) or ACC basketball of the 90’s (when Duke and Carolina were powerhouses, Maryland was a perennial Sweet 16, and everybody else stunk.) Last year the Big Ten had two really good teams: Michigan and Ohio State, and two pretty good teams: Penn State and Wisconsin. The other seven teams were bad. Real bad.

That leads us to this year when this overrated conference has finally been exposed. The teams the were supposed to be good are not.

Michigan – enough said. Ohio State – Led Akron 3-2 at halftime. 3-2! When you’re up 3-2 at halftime, do you go over bunt defense. Wisconsin – Had to rally in the fourth quarter to beat Nevada. Not bad for a team ranked fifth in the country. Penn State – Haven’t been tested, and looking at their schedule, they may never be.

And in the rest of this conference, who is good? Minnesota, Michigan State, Purdue, Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. Usually none of them. Sometimes Purdue becomes interesting, only to end up 6-5. And Iowa, come on. When was the last time Iowa played for anything? I know people think they should be good this year, and their pillowy soft schedule should help, but they will find a way to lose three or four games, and looking at who they play, that will be an accomplishment.

So here you go. The Big Ten is the undisputed worst major conference in the country after only two weeks of the season. What would happen if Ohio State would lose at Washington in week three? Yikes!