Blast Worth A Visit

November 17, 2007 | WNST Interns

Out of town guests are sometimes a blessing, because they cause you to go to events you’re typically too busy to attend. Such was the case Friday night, as I headed to the Blast game for a little indoor soccer action.

A decent crowd was on hand and they went home happy as the Blast treated them to a 12-9 victory over Monterey. Denison Cabral lead the home side with two goals as the Blast out ran Monterrey to build a 12-5 lead after falling behind 5-0. The win raised the Blast record to a perfect 5-0.

Congratulations to owner Ed Hale and his fine staff on restoring the winning tradition of the Blast and keeping the franchise healthy in Baltimore. The Blast has won titles left and right and, more importantly, has kept the tradition of being a good community partner.

Hale has also done a job of trying to keep the arena viable. Let’s face it – the arena is an eyesore and I want to be the person who pushes the switch when they implode the place. I still can’t believe they put a freaking stage in the place and made 3,500 seats obstructed view for soccer and hockey.

Anyway, back to the Blast. If you have a chance and are looking for a good night’s entertainment, head down to 1st Mariner Arena for a game this winter. This is especially true if you have kids. The Blast keeps them entertained from the minute they enter the building.

The players are good, hard working guys. Many of them were born and raised in the area. They are not spoiled millionaires, and as I mentioned earlier they are good stewards of the community, not Aubrey Huff-type characters.

I’m heading down to Annapolis today for my annual Navy game. They’re playing Northern Illinois in their final tuneup before the Army game. I always look forward to my pilgrimage to see the Midshipmen.