Boller’s Last Chance…

November 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

I think we all can agree that this is Kyle Boller’s last chance to prove that he should be the quarterback for the Ravens for the next few years. However, I do not think he will be given an opportunity to prove that. Let me explain. Boller has proved over the years that he is inconsistent when it comes to making short throws. He often throws behind the running backs on short tosses and he fails to lead the wide receivers on short crossing routes.

I think for the Ravens offense to start producing touchdowns, it is time to take the kid gloves off of Boller and let him throw the ball. I am not saying to throw a bomb every time, because that is pointless. I am saying that they should allow Boller to make plays downfield instead of telling him not to screw things up and being a caretaker. Is it not time to see if he can do that? How will anyone ever know what kind of quarterback he can be if they don’t allow him to play to his strengths? That is what it comes down to. Boller’s strength as a quarterback is stretching the field. I compare him to Tony Romo. I am not saying he is Romo, but Romo is a quarterback that takes chances. Boller will certainly throw one or two interceptions a game, but if he is also throwing two or three touchdowns a game or producing drives that end up with touchdowns, can we accept that?

The bottom line is every team wants a quarterback that can do it all. Boller, obviously is not a quarterback that can, but he can be more than adequate and win football games if he is used properly. The question remains: Will the coaches allow him to do that?