Bonds is an ALL-STA

July 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

That is right…Barry Bonds is a starter in the ALL-STAR game…that means he was voted in by the fans folks! Not just the San Fran fans…but baseball fans. For the record they hold 42,000 or so at the Giants stadium and have only had 40 home games this year…so lets throw out that they had more home games in the first half or they play in a larger stadium. The Giants organization did what every team in MLB does…push their fans to vote for their players. If the O’s can push us on Mora, Tejada and Hernandez….the Giants can push Bonds.

Now lets look at his numbers this year:

AVG: .304
HR’s: 16
RBI: 40
OBP: .516
SLG: .603

So he is 16th on AVG, 8th in HR’s, 1st in OBP and 2nd in SLG in the NL for the year. Based on the numbers, he deserves to be there.

You can hate him…boo him…in some places throw things at him…but he is the best baseball player I have ever seen in my 35 years (since I was 4…that makes it 1972) of watching baseball….

Did he use steroids…in my opinion…yes he did. Also in my opinion so did 75% or so of MLB in the "steroid era".

Lets also remember that before the steroid era he was well on his way to 500 homeruns and 3000 hits….From 1986 thru 1999 Bonds had 410 HR’s and 2010 hits. Won 3 MVP’s…finished in the top 10 in MVP voting 8 times and was an 8 time All-Star. So before the "steroid era" he was on his way to the HOF…so back off him already.

The era is what the era is….is it right..NO! But it is what it is….so all the high and mighty people bashing him and the commish ignoring him…get over it and celebrate what he is going to accomplish. If he was an ORIOLE for life…we’d be cheering him as well.


  • I’d have sent Mora yesterday…hell he was safe, if the ump was in the right place…and it took a perfect throw…get over it…Patterson was not getting a hit with two outs…worth the risk to me.
  • Biggio and Thomas are both HOF’ers…one no more deserving them the other.
  • 27 days til training camp
  • I see hope with the O’s….but I want to see this same spring in their step and hustle in their hearts in late August before I begin saying things are going to get better.


IGNORE BYE WEEKS! Yes ignore them! You can work it out later. If the best player left on your draft board has the same bye week as someone you took before, DO NOT take a lesser quality player just because of a bye…you can trade them…or pick someone up later…it will work out…do not even take the bye list into your draft. Many other sites disagree with me on this…they are WRONG!

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