Brian Billick …. Best Coach In The NF

May 16, 2007 | WNST Interns

I think we’re lucky to have the talents of Brian Billick as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. As far as the complete coaching package goes, I do think Coach Billick is the best-rounded field general in the NFL. I know the other viable names – Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Tony Dungy and Mike Shanahan. But, I think Brian Billick brings more to the table than any of his counterparts.

Perhaps, he’s not the best in the game at “X’s and O’s”, but few can doubt his ability to relate with players, coordinate with allied personnel and deal diplomatically with the press …. and he’s pretty good at the “X’s and O’s”, as well. I’m most impressed by Billick’s ability to cultivate all these management traits; to a level far above average. In my opinion, the other top coaches are quite vulnerable in one aspect or another.

The darling for coach lovers seems to be Bill Belichick. He’s certainly the master of the “nuts and bolts” of the game. But, he seems extremely uncomfortable with people. He’s not a motivating kinda guy. Nor, can he work the press to his advantage. Brian Billick is the best in the game, when it comes to this.

I like Andy Reid, but he hasn’t conquered that mountain, known as a Super Bowl Championship. Thus, he lacks credential, to a degree. He’s made tough choices as a head coach, and surviving the Terrell Owens saga has certainly made him stronger. He didn’t tolerate Owens’ crap and I admire that.

Tony Dungy has finally achieved the Super Bowl Championship goal and he’s a wonderful human being. In fact, I’d rank him a close second, behind Coach Billick. I simply give Billick the advantage, due to his passion and intensity. Tell me you don’t love seeing him “lose it” on the sideline …. that’s passion for the game.

As for Mike Shanahan, his real successes were achieved in another era. He’s the longest tenured coach, but he’s been a different man over the past eight years. Shanahan has ruled through intimidation and insecurity. He relishes roles above other head coaches, like “Executive Vice President of Football Operations”.

Shanahan is the ultimate micro-manager, and he doesn’t trust his core of support staff with crucial decisions. He’s known by some as the leader you fear, rather than respect …. which is the way he wants it. Did you notice how happy Trevor Pryce was when he came to play for Brian Billick? Just ask him ….

For me, Brian Billick is the total package when it comes to coaching. Look at it this way; Steve Bisciotti is a very successful entrepreneur and judge of human relations. He knows a good leader when sees one …. and Billick’s his guy.

So carve that bust in Canton …. Brian Billick is gonna end up there. By the way, I never mentioned the Orioles today.