Brian Billick previews Ravens draft strategy with Nestor and Dennis Koulatsos

April 21, 2020 | WNST Audio

Our resident Super Bowl champion head coach and WNST partner Brian Billick caught up with Nestor and Dennis Koulatsos to discuss the Ravens’ approach to the 2020 NFL Draft. With the coronavirus changing the way the league is operating, Brian believes the Ravens continue to hold a competitive edge over most of their competition.

“I think the Ravens have been on the forward cutting-edge of anything to do with technology in the business,” Billick said. “There are some organizations that lag behind, but I think the Ravens and Eric DeCosta obviously has a firm understanding. Of course my buddy Ozzie would still have a rotary dial phone if he could find one.”

This year will be quite unique in that teams have had minimal in-person contact with potential draftees.

“It’s going to feel different, so I’m sure for Eric and for John it’s going to feel a little more isolated in terms of the decisions that you’re making,” Billick said. “You have all the information but it’s just going to feel different.”

We’ve all been speculating on which positions the Ravens will target early on, and Coach chimed in with his opinion as well.

“I would say offensive line, edge rusher, and maybe a receiver that you likely see one of each of those in the first three rounds,” Billick said.

It was a great roundtable featuring high-level draft talk with Coach Billick, Dennis Koulatsos, and Nestor. To hear their full conversation, listen here: