Brian’s numbers

October 25, 2007 | WNST Staff

Here are some stats as it relates to Brian Billick, Ravens, and the bye:
  • 32-24 record under Brian Billick before the bye
  • 6-2 record after bye (five straight wins, last loss 01 to Pittsburgh)
  • 47-32 regular season record after bye week
  • Only once(2005 6-8), has a Ravens gone below .500 following bye
Since 1999 here are the records of the teams with the best records in the months of Nov. and Dec.:
  1. Patriots 44-21
  2. Eagles   44-21
  3. Ravens 44-22
Here is another stat on Brian:
  • 79-56 in regular season so far
  • 49-18 at home
  • 30-38 on the road
So there is some food for thought, or fuel for fire depends on your thoughts of Brian.