Casey at the bat: Deep Thoughts by Erik Bedar

May 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

For all of you Erik Bedard fans out there, I hate to disappoint you, but as long as I am at the ballpark, you will not hear from him before, during or after the game.   Even if he wins 20 Cy Young Awards, 15 MVP’s, 11 World Series — as the great philosopher and WWE World Champion ‘The Rock’ would say, "It doesn’t matter!"

He gave the media the cold shoulder after the game.  His postgame comments only happened because we all were coming in the door he was trying to go out.  In typical Erik fashion, everything was one- or two-word answers, and a smirk and glare at you like you are the dumbest human being for asking him a simple question, as if he is royalty or something.

I get it if doing interviews is not your thing, but you have been around the major leagues for a couple of years now.  You should know the deal.
I will say that another reporter was much better than me because, after we tried to get Erik to answer a question with at least three words, he made a comment to a reporter that the same three questions had been asked.
You hear that phone ringing Erik — it is the clue phone — pick it up and say, "Hello." It is only two words so I am sure you can handle it.

I am not asking for you to give us War and Peace with your answers, but for at least three minutes, can you just talk?  No one in the media is out to get you Erik, and for the most part no one really bothers you for interviews when you are not pitching, mostly because we know you do not like talking to the media.

I get the feeling that he gives such short answers because he knows it makes the media’s job difficult.

I know I will get several emails saying what little difference it makes as long as he is winning games.  And to be honest with you, I understand that argument. The media can be your best friend or your worst enemy whenever the media feels like it.  So my New Year’s Resolution starting on May 9, 2007, is that I will not bother with another Erik Bedard interview.

Oh…about the game…

Great clutch hit by Aubrey Huff with the walk-off.  I thought it might stay in the park until I saw bullpen catcher Rudy Arias jumping in the air as the ball came crashing down over the wall.