Casey at the bat: How would you feel

May 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

Ok, imagine you’re Joe Magrane for a second…
Joe is the color analyst for the Devil Rays on television. He has been working for the team for 10 years now. Of course Joe had a nice amount of time in the big leagues.
So in the bottom of the 6th inning, I go upstairs to get a soda. The upper press level is where all the radio and television broadcasts are done. Before going to retrieve my soda, I decided to stop off in the little boy’s room. Upon entering and getting ready to do what I needed to do, I notice something in the bottom of the urinal.
Upon further investigation, I noticed it to be a Joe Magrane baseball card. When I realized I was the only one in the little guy’s room, I decided to check in the next urinal, sure enough another Joe Magrane baseball card. I figured, "Hey what the heck! Let’s see if we can go 3-for-3 and, sure enough, another Joe Magrane card!"
The ultimate test was to see if the big round porcelain guy had any cards in it, and sure enough there were about five of them — and nothing else, just for the record.
Despite published reports, I did not retrieve the cards and ask Joe to sign them for me.
Wonder what Joe will think when he walks into the bathroom right outside his booth?