Casey at the bat: Is back home always the best place

June 02, 2007 | WNST Staff

With all the talk about Mark Teixeira, do you think there is a chance that he would not want to come here and play?
I have seen it first hand, every time that the Rangers come to town; it is 15 welcome home Tex stories. He is expected to hit the big hit every game for the Rangers that they play in Baltimore.
What about having to deal with the pressure that would come with coming to the Orioles, let’s all be real honest, everyone would expect him to be the guy riding in on the white horse to save baseball in Baltimore. How about the headaches of every time he plays at home, he has 75 people that want tickets to the game. I bet it gets tiresome enough just when the Rangers come to town but imagine having to deal with it for 81 games. I have seen first hand that can be bothersome for guys that just play here, let alone grew up here.
If he goes off to Boston, or New York or Washington or wherever there would be a lot of expectations for him to win, but not like it would be here.
I just realized that I typed Washington, could you imagine if the Nats were to steal him and have him and Zimmerman as the face of the Nats when they open that new park in D.C.?
Hey I hope that the Orioles get him and he comes here and can help the Orioles get back to the promise land.
Just thought I would give you a different point of view to think about.