Casey at the bat: New song for the Oriole

June 04, 2007 | WNST Staff

Although it has a completely different meaning, the U2 song Sunday Bloody Sunday should be played when the Orioles play on Sunday’s.
May 13- Jeremy Guthrie leaves game with 5-1 lead in 9th inning, enter Baez and Ray who allow the Red Sox to score 5 more runs and win the game 6-5.
May 20 – Erik Bedard needed to go and rest after pitching seven innings of one run baseball and his team up 3-1. I guess he figured that the bullpen gets paid more than him so let them come in and finish the game……Nats go on to win 4-3 after scoring eight runs in the 8th inning.
June 3 – Jeremy Guthrie sees yet another game go down the drain, after pitching eight innings and with a 3-2 lead, he watches Chris Ray come in and serve up another game winning home run.
Look I am not ready to say that Chris Ray is not a solid closer, but there seems to be a well known fact that in pressure situations, just be patient and he will throw a fastball. Now the problem is can you catch up to it or not, so far A-Rod, Vlad, and many other major league players will make you pay.
I understand that you can’t put all the blame on Sam Perlozzo, but how about leaving Guthrie out there and see what happens. He has been one of, if not your most consistent starters all year long.
 The kid deserves better than what has happened to him, but here is a note to Cabrera, Bedard, and others. You think that Guthrie is probably upset with the way that the game ended? Think he is not bothered by that he could not finish out the game? Think he is not upset about giving up the runs that he did? Think it doesn’t bother him?
I am sure it does, but you know what he will  stick around and answer any questions that any media have for him, although when it boils down to it Chris Ray is the focal point of today’s game. Jeremy will stick up for his teammates and not point the finger at anyone, yet another reason to like the guy.
What will the flag ship station do? Now they can’t even hold on to that nugget that the Orioles are in 2nd place, but hey the Orioles played well defensively and came up with clutch hits and got great pitching this series and should have won 3 out of 4. Plus hey they won six in a row and have now lost three in a row, so they still have some room to get better. How dare Vlad hit that meatball that was sitting on a tee for him! We were in 2nd place…damn you Vlad, you should have been playing for the Orioles in the 1st place.
I always laugh when I hear “we should have won 3 out of 4”, like the other team is going “man how did we not go 1 for 4 is beyond me”.