Casey at the bat: O’s players should take notes from Danys Bae

May 25, 2007 | WNST Staff

You can question Danys Baez for several things, and may not like him as a pitcher, but you can not for one second question whether he is a stand up guy or not.
After giving up a home run to Alex Rios in the 10th inning that won the game for the Blue Jays, Baez was front and center in front of his locker after the game and did not dodge or not answer one question from the media. Some of the questions were pretty blunt and straight forward, but he stood there and answered everyone.
I have a lot of respect for a guy like him for being a stand up guy. There are a couple of other pitchers younger than him that could learn some things from Danys about facing the music during the good and bad times.
I totally do not agree with the decision to send Melvin Mora from 1st base to home in the 8th inning. To make matters even worse it was not even a close play at the plate when it happened, and o by the way you committed the final out at home plate with your best hitter who had hit a three-run home run in his last at bat.
I also feel that Corey Patterson was in partial home run trot mode before he realized that his hit was not going to be out, he should have been standing on 3rd base with a triple.
How many times are we going to have to watch a ball drop in between Mora, Gibbons, and Tejada, at some point Tejada or Mora has to call the other one off. Take Wednesday night for example when no one was there to cover 3rd base while Gibbons, Mora, and Tejada were looking at the ball as it fell to the ground.
Here is sound from the post game tonight:
  1. Sam Perlozzo – on Melvin being thrown out at home
  2. Sam Perlozzo – on bullpen being used
  3. Sam Perlozzo – if he is worried about Baez confidence
  4. Sam Perlozzo – if it is physical or mental for Baez
  5. Danys Baez – just have to keep working hard
  6. Danys Baez – what he has been working on or needs to work on
Big day tomorrow, Jack Cust returns to Camden Yards and the weigh-in for the Liddell vs Jackson fight is on ESPN.
Hope to have some professional insight for you tomorrow regarding the fight.
Really like to hear your thoughts on the O’s and this weekend PPV –