Casey At The Bat: Pre Gam

May 10, 2007 | WNST Staff

It is a very quiet, yet almost strange feeling here at Camden Yards today.
Not a lot of talk about the latest steroid news as it relates to the team. One person I spoke with said that it is a non issue since none of those guys play here any more.
Perhaps the bigger story of the day was that about Jay Gibbons and the comments he made in the Baltimore Sun yesterday.  Sam Perlozzo said that he does not feel that the paper is the place to vent your frustration, when he has basically an open door policy.  Sam also made sure to mention a couple of times that it’s about the team first, not one individual person. Sam even added that he makes decision for the team and not for any individual.
I can honestly say it is never a dull moment covering this team. It will be interesting to see if Jay has any remarks about what Sam said.