Casey at the bat: Pre game thoughts with Perlozzo audi

May 24, 2007 | WNST Staff

Miguel Tejada was out again today taking early batting practice even going as far as pulling out a pitching machine so that he could work on hitting the curve ball.
Melvin Mora will move back into the two spot in the lineup while Jay Payton will get a night off.
Sam Perlozzo said that he pulled Daniel Cabrera into his office this afternoon and asked him if he hit anyone on purpose last night. Cabrera told Sam that he did not do it on purpose and Sam took him at his word.
Several of the Blue Jays players said last night that Daniel is quickly being known as a guy that hits people when he begins to struggle.
Here is the biggest issue, when Cabrera hits a guy, then that opposing pitcher is going to hit one of your guys. Maybe it will take someone like Miguel Tejada pulling Cabrera up and telling him that in the end they are the ones that suffer.

Click here to hear audio of Sam Perlozzo:

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