Casey at the bat: Shocking news from Camden Yard

May 26, 2007 | WNST Staff

OMG, Bedard left the clubhouse without talking to the media last night!
Something must be wrong — surely he wasn’t upset about his performance. Was he tired again? Had he run out of two and three word answers?  Were his dinner reservations set for 15 minutes after the game ended? Maybe he was rushing home to watch UFC Fight Night on Spike TV? Was he mad his team could not give him any run support?
Like I wrote in my blog on Thursday night, Bedard is a guy that should go and talk to Danys Baez about what it means to be a stand-up guy and face the media. Even though he’s not going to say much even when he does talk, he should at least show that he’s willing to answer the questions.
If he had stuck around I would imagine this is sort of how the conversation would have gone:
Reporter: Erik talk about your performance tonight?
Bedard : I made some good pitches and they hit them. I made some bad pitches and they hit them.
I have no use for what Bedard has to say anyway, since it is very obvious to everyone (except for Orioles staff) that he is being a total jerk to the media on purpose and they are "OK" with him doing that. Sidney Ponson was like that towards media during his second tour of duty with the Orioles. I give Sir Sidney credit though, at least he told us he did not want to talk to us anymore and the feeling was mutual.
Again I understand most fans do not give two "you know whats" whether a guy talks to the media or not, and I totally understand that. However, I will always stick to the belief that it tells a lot about your character when you only want to talk when it benefits you.
I am really surprised that someone from the Orioles, either a player or staff member, have not pulled Erik up and told him that he should think about how he treats the media. But then again, they seem to have no problem with it and when you ask someone about it they just shrug their shoulders.
I could only imagine the things that would be said about Bedard if he pulled this sort of stuff if he played for the Yankees, Mets, Cubs or Red Sox.
If Erik goes on to be one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history and wins every award possible — good for him! Professionally, I wish him all the best. Maybe even one day he will be having his day in the sun at Cooperstown.