Casey at the bat: Two for Payto

May 25, 2007 | WNST Staff

Jay Payton is out of the Orioles lineup for a second straight night. Sam said that he talked to Jay this afternoon and told him he is likely to be in the lineup for five nights in a row.
Right now I think Sam is just trying to find a mix that works best for him and this team. Plus he was able to get a win out of the lineup that he had last night, so I guess if the though of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it theory applies.
I feel that Jay Payton is better suited to be in the lineup everyday in left-field instead of Jay Gibbons.
It will be interesting to see if Jeremy Guthrie can give the bullpen another rest tonight, and hopefully they will be able to hold the game for him.
Just a side note, I wish my couch at my house was as safe of a haven away from wife and kids as it is for one Orioles player that quickly realized that if he is on the couch in the clubhouse it is like being on base in a game of tag. No one can get you while you are there.