Chicken Box Friday

July 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

I came up with "Chicken Box Friday" after inviting Ken Zalis and Spencer Folau in studio on Friday, and having a chicken box. Since that Friday, I haven’t missed one. I feel weird today. I hate missing it. I can see it now. The boys in studio, hanging out, having fun. Me, listening to this idiot talking about the Jets and justifying why the Yankees suck so badly. I’m truly going to miss it. I’m thrilled to be here, but I wish I would be there for at least four hours.

Now, for you my softball tossing co-host. Ken, remember, the Jets quarterback situation is not the best either. I believe Chad Pennington knows a thing or two about missing time due to injury. You’re correct, if McNair get hurt… but there aren’t too many teams that aren’t in that boat. You see, this would be one of our classic debates for today. I’ll be calling in, so we’ll chat.

As far as you guys eating the extra chicken box, have at it. I love the chicken boxes that we get, but I don’t know if I’ve told you this in the past. My mother in-law has all girls. Right now, my wife is the only one still married. Not meaning she’s about to divorce, just, well, you know. The others aren’t married.

Anyway, my mother in-law has made it chicken box in Cassatt, SC. She is making some chicken boxes in honor of the show. She’s also making western fries and some hot sauce. As far as tea is concerned, come on, I’m in the country. I’ll have to show them what a "half and half" is, but at least they’ll have the tea part. I’ll go out and find some lemonade. That shouldn’t be difficult, I hope not.

So, even though I’m truly going to miss my boys, at least I’ll have my chicken box. What I will not have the intelligent sports conversation, but I’ll hear that when I call in. Here, all I have is this idiot, who’s up at 8 o’clock in the morning talking about, now the Jets. I’ve known this man for 11 years and I’ve never heard him talk about the Jets. It’s always Yankees, but now that they stink, he’s a Jets fan.