Chris Benoi

June 26, 2007 | WNST Staff

Another sad day for wrestling fans, as the news broke late this evening that Chris Benoit and his family were all found dead in their home in Georgia. Chris was scheduled to be at the WWE PPV Sunday night to wrestle C.M. Punk for the ECW title, but ended up being a no show. The WWE stated that it was due to personal reasons.
Rumors are running like crazy as to what happened. Some people report it to be a murder; some believe that it is a double homicide/suicide. At this point it is unknown what has happened.
For you old school wrestling fans you might remember Chris’s wife Nancy. She was a former manager/valet for Kevin Sullivan, Chris Benoit, The Sandman, and the tag team of Doom, just to name a few.
I have two personal memories of Chris. The first would be when Ray Bachman and I took a road trip up to New York City and Madison Square Garden, to watch Wrestle mania 20 where Benoit captured the WWE title from JBL. The other would be a couple of  years ago after attending a Smack Down show at the arena here in Baltimore, I went over to the Hard Rock Café, and while walking over , Chris Benoit came walking down the street and asked me how to get to the Hard Rock. I told him I was going over there and he asked if he could just walk with me. A very quiet guy who did not say a lot, but I did get to ask him about the 4 horseman and some different things from his WCW days.
If memory serves me, I am pretty sure that Chris Benoit has been on WNST a couple of times to promote either local events, or PPV’s.
The WWE did a very nice show tonight in his honor, and I thought it said a lot about Vince McMahon that he actually came out and talked since he has been playing this whole angle of him being killed in a limo explosion. Ironic part of it all is that tonight was actually suppose to be a memorial show to Vince McMahon due to the angle they were playing on television of him dying.
Chris Benoit was not the best talker on the microphone, or the most flashy and entertaining wrestler, but he was one of the most technically sound wrestlers you could want to see.