Chris Richards of Greenmount Station talks biz and adjustments during corona crisis

April 01, 2020 | WNST Audio

Chris Richards and the folks at Greenmount Station have been supporters, friends, and partners of ours at WNST for a nearly a decade. We’ve experienced so many happy purple moments up in Hampstead with Ravens players during good times, and we wanted to check in with Chris to see how he is handling this crisis.

“I thought going into a slow time through this period that it would be easier to run, but it’s actually been a more difficult, crazy time to run a business than ever,” Richards said. “You have to find out which employees you have that are willing to work through this situation and which ones don’t want to work. Then you have different hours, then we’re going from a business model where 80%-90% of our business was in the restaurant, and only 10%-20% was carryout, and now 100% of our business is carryout. It’s been crazy, that’s a good word. Chaos crazy.”

While this is clearly a difficult time for Chris and all local business owners, he is trying to look at the positives and believes that some good will come from this ordeal.

“It’s neat because when this is over I think we’re going to be better for it,” Richards said. “I think we’re going to have different processes and procedures in place that are going to make us a better and a stronger business because of it. I look at it as an opportunity – yeah it’s not ideal – but we have to take the opportunity to make ourselves better and make everything safer and I think it’s a good thing in that way.”

Chris continued to talk with Nestor about procedures that he has put in place to ensure the safety of his customers and employees, and also touched on the kindness and generosity that he has seen from his customer base. We encourage all of our world to support Chris and all of your local restaurants. Chris is a good man and Greenmount Station has been serving their community and supporting lots of good local causes for a very long time up in Hampstead. Let’s support them and give them back some love that they’ve been giving us for so many years.

We look forward to catching up with Chris again when this is all over and bringing more purple smiles to Greenmount Station in Hampstead very soon.

To hear Chris Richards’ full conversation with Nestor, listen here: