Coming to an NFL stadium near you; game-day drug testing ….

August 10, 2011 | WNST Interns

Yesterday afternoon, the National Football League announced plans to conduct random drug testing on respective game-days during the upcoming 2011 season.  Such measures will be limited in scope, to include testing solely for performance enhancing drugs.

Thus, the presence of recreational drugs and/or medicinal narcotics will not be detectable in the mandated regimen ….

Good?  Bad?  Who really cares, right?  We just wanna see football ….

The emphasis and overall objective of this new testing procedure is to address and curtail prospective cheating by players, who might consider broaching the threshold and fine line between banned and legal substances.

This introductory program, which is part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, gives the immediate impression of a process that will be potentially burdensome, especially as it regards implementation during the first few games of the upcoming regular season.

NFL labor and law head, Adolpho Birch, told assembled media, yesterday, that logistical hindrances should not surface during game-day testing, as the entirety of the procedure shall ensure a system that “is not overly disruptive to the clubs and that respects the game-day process.”

Good luck on that intended effort …..



Granted, I am not privy to intimate details regarding this specific testing process.  However, I am wondering why the tests must be administered on the day of a game, as opposed to the previous evening. 

From a common sense perspective, it seems like any such procedure would appear more plausible if it was not engaged in the intense environment of a locker room – especially in the last couple hours leading up to such an adrenaline fueled competition.

Will the specimens be analyzed prior to kickoff?

If so, is there an immediate appeals process, especially given the potential for tainted samples?  Better yet, if the specimens are not immediately analyzed, what necessitates the need for testing on the actual day of a given game?

Most of us are aware that HGH can only be detected in a limited amount of hours following ingestion.  That said, the presence of HGH can only be detected via blood tests – and I find it difficult to fathom blood samples being rendered just prior to a game.

I fully support any measures to deter and rid PED’s from sports, at any level.  I’m just not certain the best way of mandating adherence is to muddle such processes in the chaotic atmosphere of an NFL locker room, just prior to the game.

That’s my two cents …..