Coming Tomorrow ….. The Top Sports Stories Of 2007

December 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be running down my personal list of the “Top 10 Sports Stories of 2007.” Each day (except Christmas) I’ll release a new story, culminating with the biggest story of the year, on December 31st.

Although, I’ve labeled this a “personal list,” I won’t be featuring stories that simply appeal to me. Instead, I’ve given real consideration to the incidents and events that impacted the sports world throughout the last 12 months.

Will there be triumph and championship reign? Yep. But, there will be tragedy and disappointment, as well. Before joining ‘NST, I always looked forward to the holiday season ….. to read and consider prospective lists of compelling sports drama that occurred during the calendar year.

In this inaugural endeavor, I’ve been careful to refrain from getting caught up in the things that appeal solely to me. For example, I think Dan Patrick’s departure from ESPN was a significant event, in 2007. However, it won’t be on “The List.” There’s far too many more significant stories to cover.

So, I hope you enjoy reading about the referenced special events, and their relevance to the world, in 2007. As always, I want to hear if you agree or disagree on a topic. Feel free to forward your own lists, as well.