Cookies for Kids with Cancer

November 26, 2007 | WNST Staff

Now through November 30th, 2007, the Band of Parents is holding its 1st nation-wide fundraiser “Cookies for Kids Cancer” “Cookies for Kids Cancer” is an exceptional
fundraiser fueled by generous donations from some of the top names in the culinary world! These limited- edition cookies are being baked by volunteers from the French Culinary Institute in New York City, using recipes provided by renowned cookbook Author Sally Sampson, from her new book Cookies 52 Easy Recipes for Year Round Baking. Her book may be purchased at Barnes & Noble.
Baking supplies, packaging products, and promotional materials have all been donated, so nearly 100% of your purchase price for the cookies will go directly to the Band of Parents to fund development of a new antibody
therapy for Neuroblastoma.
These cookies are comparable in quality and price to
those you would order from Cheryl & Co., Mrs. Fields, or other gourmet
cookie companies.

They are hand-baked with the finest ingredients, packaged in an attractive
gift box with a red bow, and mailed promptly, so your friends, relatives,
and clients will enjoy a fresh, great-tasting gift that will seem just a bit
sweeter when they know they’re also providing hope to hundreds of

Children fighting cancer! A gift card will accompany your order–it explains
just what a special gift these cookies are! Of course, the card includes
space for your own holiday greeting as well!

As you go through your holiday list, please consider a gift of Cookies for

Kids’ Cancer for your clients, associates, family members who are far away for the holidays, teachers, and for the person who has

Only available through November 30, so don’t delay, order your boxes today!

cancer is rare, and because the number of children diagnosed each year is so
small, pharmaceutical companies do not fund research into new drugs for
Neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers. Similarly, government funding for
research is based on the number of diagnoses for each given type of cancer,
so childhood cancers receive very little public funding.

Against this backdrop, the Band of Parents has pledged to raise $2 to $3
million needed by Dr. Cheung and the team at MSK to develop a humanized form
of the 3F8 (Carter will begin the current 3F8 antibody therapy in January
2008) Because the current version of the antibody is mouse-based, about half
of the children with Neuroblastoma (mostly kids under age 5) who undergo
antibody treatment develop resistance to the mouse component before their
immune system has been fully”trained”to fight the disease. For those
children, when the cancer comes back, it is almost impossible to stop. This
new antibody treatment could offer Carter and other young children like
Carter their best chance at life and getting to grow up.

Don’t wait–please order from “Cookies for Kids’Cancer
today and help ensure a tomorrow for
the hundreds of kids fighting Neuroblastoma!
Feel free to contact me @