Could it be worse?

October 22, 2007 | WNST Interns

Well, for starters … we could live in CLEVELAND. Imagine what it’s like to be waking up in that city, this morning.

As much as we suspected the Ravens had a daunting challenge awaiting them, in Buffalo … didn’t you think the Indians were “losers” when they boarded that plane for Boston? The tribe had their shot at finishing the Red Sox at Jacobs Field, and they couldn’t get it done.

The same spirited argument exists for this underachieving and directionless Baltimore Ravens team. I’ve now had a night to sleep on it … and I don’t regret a word from yesterday evening’s blog. This team has not given a dominating performance, yet.

I’d suppose that after yesterday’s half-hearted effort, we should look at the “upside” and proclaim there are 9 games left in the regular season schedule. The season isn’t even at the halfway point, yet. Trust me, if this team doesn’t find some semblance of cause and meaning, November and December will be highlighted by fall foliage and holiday parties.

This is awful. The Ravens are a BETTER team than what we’re seeing. I said it yesterday … I’ll say it today … I don’t wanna hear about injuries. The 53 players collectively wearing white jerseys, were better team than the guys wearing navy blue … period. It was the same situation in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

As for blame, there’s plenty to go around, this morning. Aside from calling Lester Hayes and bumming some “stickum,” Quinn Sypniewski needs to delve a little deeper into the playbook. Then again, yesterday was his shot — he’ll have plenty of time to study in the upcoming weeks.

What has happened to Yamon Figurs? If anyone has an old copy of “The Program” laying around, please drop it off to Coach Billick at the Owings Mills complex. Perhaps, he can take a piece of James Caan’s character when it comes to players not holding onto a football.

Imagine if you were out and about this week, and at Wegman’s in Hunt Valley or Edo Sushi in Owings Mills, you spotted a young man carrying a football around, that would be Yamon Figurs. Hey, it worked on a Hollywood movie set and at this point, I’d be willing to try it.

Of course, my singular references are meant in jest. This team, as a whole, has not played to its level of ability. Essentially, the sum of its parts are not equaling the end result … in any of the 7 games played. Each contest has been littered with costly penalties and missed opportunities especially in the red zone.

We’re exactly 14 days away from the “rest of the season.” Do you see a miraculous improvement by Nov. 5? Will the returns of Steve McNair, Todd Heap, Chris McAlister, Adam Terry, J.O. (I’ll believe it, when I see it) and Trevor Pryce have a tremendous impact on this team? I certainly hope so.

If there’s one silver lining to this entire situation, it’s the recent play of Pittsburgh, who’s dropped 2 of their past 3 games. Yep, as bad as the Ravens have performed, they’re only one game behind the division leading Steelers. Think about it — if they would’ve taken care of business against the Browns and Bills … we’re having a totally different conversation, aren’t we?

Don’t get too caught up in the prosperity of a one-game deficit. After all, the powder-puff portion of the Ravens schedule is officially over. The injury report may be getting thinner, but the competition is about to get stiffer by a lot. Due to their early season struggles, this Ravens team will now have to overachieve if they have any postseason aspirations?

Did I say overachieve? Yes, and I meant it. To be brutally honest, the Ravens are not as good as the Steelers, Chargers or Seahawks. And, don’t mention the Colts and Patriots — which are gonna equate to 60 minutes of embarrassment — in OUR house.

I’ll even say the Bengals and Browns can’t be taken for granted … not with this Ravens team. If Carson Palmer comes into the next home game and throws for 3 scores … which he’s more than capable of … I’ll challenge the Ravens to score more than 21 points, even against a horrendous Cincinnati defense.

At this point, I’m confident that as Christmas approaches, I’ll be accepting the inevitable truth that our football season is coming to an end. Remember, the beginning of this blog, asked if it could get worse? And, if a disappointing Ravens season comes to an end in late December, the answer to my question will be “YES” …

Spring training will be just a month away at that point!!!!