Curt Schilling Should Be Suspended …

May 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

Wow …. a contrite Curt Schilling. Now, I’ve seen everything. For those who’ve missed it, in the past 36 hours, Curt Schilling has done an amazing rendition of the “foot in mouth” routine. And, his subject matter was Barry Bonds; baseball’s living, breathing magnet of controversy.

In a Tuesday interview with a Boston radio station (WEEI), Schilling commented that Bonds admitted to “using steroids, cheating on his wife, cheating on his taxes and cheating on the game.” None of these alleged ADMISSIONS have ever occurred. Thus, Schilling was absolutely wrong in his comments and assertions.

The last time I checked, this was the same Curt Schilling who lambasted the media a couple weeks ago, when Gary Thorne (MASN) made some inaccurate comments regarding “Schill” and the bloody sock. At that time, Gary Thorne admitted to being mistaken in his account of “sock-gate”. He apologized and moved on.

However, Schilling was not content over Thorne’s reasoning and conciliatory gesture. Thus, labeling Thorne a liar. Yet, when Schilling does something of the same nature a couple weeks later, he’s merely “mistaken”. It seems both of these incidents are very similar in inept nature and reckless intent.

Nah, strike that. What Schilling has alleged is much more serious than anything voiced by Gary Thorne. In his negligent comments, Schilling trashed Barry Bonds’ character, both personally and professionally. And, he accused Bonds of committing criminal acts. This is intolerable. Are you listening, Bud Selig?

In the end, I can’t seem to get beyond Schilling’s reluctance to label himself as anything other than what he called Thorne. Yeah, Curt logged onto his website “38 Pitches” and apologized and referenced himself as a “hypocrite”. Being a hypocrite sure sounds better than being a liar, doesn’t it?