Cut Me Some Slac

April 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

One of WNST’s more frequent callers is Bob from Parkville. While many disagree with Bob’s “old school” approach and outlook on sports, no one can question his passion for Baltimore’s sport’s scene.

Recently, Bob called to “chime” in, as he so often does, on a listener’s comments. The listener was quite vocal of Nestor’s approach to the Orioles. Bob, who admits to being Nestor’s friend, took offense to this and urged the caller to set up an appointment with Nestor.

While I often disagree with Bob from Parkville’s stances, I completely agree with his assessment. I am an employee of WNST. Regardless of his relationship with hosts, Nestor is the owner of the station in which I work for. I am extremely uncomfortable when listeners call in to express their displeasure with something that Nestor said and/or did.

While I sometimes disagree with him, I will, as Bob from Parkville said, either e-mail him or set up a meeting with him.

When I’ve suggested to people to e-mail him, often, the response I get is that he doesn’t respond. Whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t give you the right to call me to “blast” Nestor, Drew, Bob, or anyone else at WNST. Yes, you have “freedom of speech,” but it’s very uncomfortable.

For those of you who’ve engaged in this behavior, I ask you to e-mail me your place of employment, and I will call you, while at work to talk negative about the individual who is ultimately in charge. I want you to put me on speakerphone, and tell me “have at it.”

Nestor’s e-mail address is Feel free to e-mail him. If he doesn’t respond, e-mail him again. In fact, continue to e-mail him until you get the appropriate response. My views and opinions reflect me and me alone. Nestor’s views and opinions reflect Nestor.

Concerning the Baltimore Orioles, I’ve been to about 65 Oriole games as a paying customer in the past two years. No one has ever told, yet alone asked me to stop going to the games. We all have our individual convictions, and we all act accordingly. I strongly suggest you debate with Nestor concerning the things in which you disagree with him about. I only care about what goes on between the lines. Win more, and I’ll have a chance to go to more games. Not from April through September, but more games in October.