Daunte Culpepper …. A Baltimore Raven …. Yeah, Right !!!

June 08, 2007 | WNST Interns

Can you imagine Daunte Culpepper as a member of the Baltimore Ravens? ESPN’S John Clayton blogged on this very subject, yesterday. Apparently, Mr. Clayton feels Baltimore is the prime destination for Culpepper, since he desires a quick exodus from Miami.

John, please don’t wish this on us. We’ve gotta suspect Culpepper still suffers from lingering right knee issues; an MRI of the affected joint probably resembles a virtual trainwreck. And, Culpepper has other issues, as well. He’s a malcontent, who’s worn out his respective welcome with two NFL franchises in as many years.

I can confidently assume there’s NO WAY Ozzie Newsome would bring a personality such as Culpepper’s into the mix of the 2007 Ravens “team chemistry” formula. Aside from his mental and emotional baggage, I can’t even fathom the prospect of adding a guy with Culpepper’s recent injury history. It’s just not Ozzie’s style.

Do John Clayton and other national “talking heads” just dream this stuff up? It seems he should’ve delved a little deeper to gauge the interest, if any, on the team’s behalf. After reading something like this, I’ve gotta question John Clayton’s motives …. is he entertaining an agent’s desires? Or, is he trying to create smoke for another franchise?

Honestly, he probably just sat around, yesterday, and reasoned, “I need to write something really stupid and unconventional …. and solicit readers.” If this is the case …. he’s succeeded. I can’t foresee any circumstances that would lead the Ravens to add Culpepper to this team.

Am I missing something?