David Thurston of Crown Title talks changes in his business during corona crisis

March 24, 2020 | WNST Audio

Our friend David Thurston, President of Crown Title and resident college hoops expert, joined Nestor not to talk March Madness, but to discuss how his business is adapting in these crazy coronavirus times.

“We really screened our people at the settlement table to make sure they were not symptomatic at all, to make sure they hadn’t traveled so we could protect our consumers,” Thurston said. “We pretty much have functioned, up until a few days ago, as usual. Believe it or not, we received some great help from Annapolis. They approved an emergency order from the court of appeals allowing remote online notaries. That will change our business…I can now do your settlement through a portal and notarize your documents like we were sitting at a table.”

That said, David’s building certainly looks a lot different than it did just a few short weeks ago…

“There’s challenges for sure,” Thurston said. “I think the governor will issue a stay at home order, but we’ll be allowed to work as we are vital to access the capital and access the funding for the consumer. Title companies are considered financial service companies and we should be able to be in business. That said, we started the process last week where we have everyone working from home instead of our five or six key managers that are here. Of our 40 employees, 32 of them have been on work at home orders for a few days.”

David also talked about how the next several weeks are key in how his company will continue to be affected by this situation. We’ll continue to check in with him in the coming weeks, and we’ll be crossing our fingers that there will be a lot more hoops talk with David in the not too distant future.

To hear David Thurston’s full conversation with Nestor, listen here: