Debating The Boss …. Only At WNS

June 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

Let me start by saying this …. I work at a great place. My boss disagrees with my opinions and statements, but he allows me the creative freedom to express my thoughts. How many people in corporate America can say this? I dare say that if I worked “down the dial” a bit, I would’ve been reeled in by now, and counseled on the station’s philosophy.

I spent a career, at least the last 8 years of it, scared of my boss. So, I know what it feels like to have a boss that would make Tony Soprano look like Cardinal Keeler. Trust me, I’ll never be disrespectful to my superiors …. I don’t wanna end up working “down that dial” and making daily runs to the carry-out buffet for Damon Yaffe. But, if I disagree with the boss or a peer, I’d like to say so.

This is certainly one of those occasions. Although, I do not believe Joe Girardi, Joe Torre or Joe Maddon are motivated solely by money and earning potential, I do believe it’s the most important factor. Especially, if a family is involved and more than one individual is expressly impacted by a commitment.

First, I’d like to say the “$20 million” figure and its relation to Joe Girardi’s financial portfolio is skewed, at best. According to, Girardi earned $21,278,000 in his playing career. Thus, if he has $20 million or anything close to that amount in the bank, I sense the IRS will be speaking with him sooner, rather than later. In fact, if he earned that amount, he’s in a tax bracket that would’ve yielded him about $10 million, after taxes, agent commissions and union obligations.

Are we inclined to suspect he’s saved every dollar ever netted? Come on, he’s had to purchase homes, vehicles, educational opportunities and other related household necessities. Let’s not forget, his wife probably likes to shop, too. In reality, it’s VERY logical to assume he’s got a few million bucks in the bank …. at most. Thus, he’s inclined to work, right?

After all, if he didn’t need to work, why would he take a television job in New York? And, why would he do exclusive “pay segments” with local media outlets. That’s right, you wanna hear what Joe Girardi is thinking? Tune in to Michael Kay’s show and find out. Joe likes to make a buck …. we all do.

As for the O’s job, you don’t think he’s approaching Mrs. Girardi with the “I wanna make a difference” speech, do you? Trust me, she cares about a few particular factors, and if winning/success are in the mix …. they’re not at the tippity top. It’s all about earning potential. “Winning” didn’t pay for that mansion or anything else carrying an insurance policy.

I honestly believe money is the most important factor when choosing a vocation. I’m not saying it’s the only important factor, but it’s #1 on the list. Look at it this way …. before the big shakeup, this week, the ongoing hot debate involved the Orioles roster and the prospect of bringing in Mark Teixera – the hometown savior. We’ve bantered around Teixera’s name and the question of whether he would sign here after becoming a free agent.

Does anyone honestly believe Teixera will put winning or the likelihood of playing for a contender ahead of the mighty dollar? If you think so – wake up. He will go wherever Scott Boras finds the most lucrative deal. If it’s Baltimore …. so be it. Money will be the primary factor in determining Teixera’s next destination. And, that’s a guarantee.

Do you think Roger Clemens is rejoining the Yankees to band together with the “team” and hunt down a championship? Heck, no. They can’t even get him to hang around on days he’s not pitching. The primary reason for his return is that $28 million paycheck. Everything else is incidental.

Don’t forget the plight of Alex Rodriguez, arguably the best player in baseball. A’Rod has earned more than $150 million in his career and he has no world championships to show for it. He currently plays for a franchise that’ll avail him an opportunity to win a championship. Yet, at the end of the 2007 season he’ll opt out of his current contract, which pays him in excess of $20 million, per year, to seek even more money.

If Alex Rodriguez were inclined to find “fulfillment and happiness” since he’s got millions in the bank, he could conceivably consider his hometown Marlins …. He’d be able to sleep in his own bed for half the season. Or, if he really wanted to win and find happiness in that environment, why not head to Northern California and play for Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s …. a welcomed low pressure environment?

I sense Alex Rodriguez, too, will put money at the very top of his consideration list. Do these guys wanna win? Sure, but they’ve acclimated themselves to a certain lifestyle and that’s what really brings them happiness. The “lifestyle” …. whether you’re A’Rod, Roger Clemens, Mark Teixera or Joe Girardi costs money. Hence …. the spirit of my argument.

In the end, it really boils down to money. Whether you’re Donald Trump, Donald Fehr or William Donald Schaefer …. you gotta make money. Will money, itself, bring happiness? No, but it sure makes things much easier.

Speaking of happiness …. I’m happy. I’m sincerely happy that my dad did well in his recent surgery. I’m happy my wife will be celebrating her 44th birthday tomorrow. And, I’m happy to be part of the WNST family. Oh, and I’m very happy Nestor’s last name is not Shanahan. If it was …. you wouldn’t be reading this.

Thanks, Nes.