Deep thoughts on a Sunday evening…………..

August 13, 2007 | WNST Staff

A day like today is when I am taking pride in having been the one singing the praises of Kevin Millar. He is not the most athletic, the most talented, or any of the other most you could think of — but he is a baseball player. Dave Trembley saw something in one-five and has pushed a button that has worked.
I now will start the cause of getting Kevin Millar back to the Orioles next year. On a side note: if anyone knows where I can pick up a Kevin Millar jersey, please let me know. I have had no luck so far.
For those of you looking forward to seeing or hearing Tony Siragusa at the stadium doing the Ravens games this preseason don’t bother. Tony is involved with a show called "Man Caves" on the "do it yourself network." Tony was committed to the filming of the show, which will not allow him to be at any of the Ravens’ preseason games. There was only one game that Tony could have made it, but it does not look like that will happen.
As it is well documented, I am a big UFC/ MMA fan. Well, not yet having the opportunity to attend a UFC event live, it looks like that I may soon have the chance. Although it is not confirmed yet by the UFC, it looks as though UFC 77 will be in Cincinnati, which although it is not right around the corner, it will be worth the trip to see three of my favorite fighters: Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin, and Anderson Silva. Rich and Anderson will be fighting each other, which in that case, I will have to pull for Rich.
In November, there is another rumor that UFC 78 will be held in New Jersey. B.J. Penn is rumored to be on that card, which would be great to see.
Nes, can I use the station plane to fly to Anaheim to watch Chuck Liddell fight in September? (Thought I would ask.)
Tomorrow I will give you my four or five guys that I will be watching for on Monday for the Ravens-and they will all be non starters.
Let me know what you will be looking for?
Have to go get ready to watch the best show on television – "Rock of Love" on VH-1. I am looking forward to Poison coming to Baltimore in a couple of weeks…
I might have some issues.